The Artistic Company

is not just another brand, we are dedicated partners in bringing your ideas to life and turning them into thriving success stories. We specialize in brand invention, brand launching, and brand management. From conceptualizing your ideas to executing brand launches and managing your brand, we’ve got all aspects expertly covered. We satisfy all your needs as we seamlessly collaborate across our array of brands that exceed your expectations.Innovation is our essence. We excel in creating stand alonee brands that thrive in today’s fierce market.

A company that doesn't follow trends;

it sets them with a palette of creativity. InnovationOriginalityImagination

Rajasekar RA

Founder and CEO

Rajasekar Ra, the Founder and CEO of The Artistic Company, started his journey as a designer, and his transformation into a CEO reflects his extraordinary growth and achievements. In addition to his role as a creative leader, he takes charge of the entire office and administrative department. Serving as a strategist, designer, creator, and client relationship manager, he ensures seamless operations and nurtures a thriving work environment. This fusion of imaginative vision and administrative proficiency stands as the heart of TheArtistic Company’s enduring success.


Our Mission

Empower businesses with exceptional, brand-driven solutions, igniting innovation and driving success through our artistic and innovative methods.

Our Vision

To pioneer a new era in the brand invention, development, and management with a futuristic approach, redefining industry standards.

Core Value

Innovation at Heart

Constantly pushing boundaries, we embrace creativity to craft brands that stand out in the ever-evolving market.

Client-Centric Excellence

Placing client needs at the forefront, we deliver tailored solutions, ensuring their vision is not just realized, but elevated.

Integrity in Craftsmanship

Transparency, authenticity, and attention to detail are embedded in every design, reflecting our commitment to unwavering quality.


Our Journey


Crafting Brands with Creative Excellence

In the realm of brand design, development, and management, one company has consistently redefined the boundaries of creativity and innovation. This is the story of “The Artistic Company,” a journey that began in 2013 as “Zero Advertisements” with a name and a vision that would forever shape its destiny

GENESIS - 2013:

Zero Advertisements

The story of The Artistic Company commences in 2013 when a visionary individual embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of advertising and branding. He christened his venture “Zero Advertisements” with deep intent, for “zero” symbolized a value-adding number, indivisible and equitable, representing his unwavering commitment to serving all clients with equal dedication. From the outset, his mission was clear: to provide cutting-edge branding solutions that would transform businesses and make an indelible mark in the industry


Zero Artistic Designs

As the years passed, Zero Advertisements evolved, embracing a transformative shift in 2016 when it was reborn as “Zero Artistic Designs.” This name change marked a pivotal moment, signifying their increased focus on the artistic and creative aspects of branding. It was during this time that they began to redefine the boundaries of what was possible in the realm of design. To satisfy all of a brand’s necessities, designs, and advertising was not enough, that was the starting point of developing other new verticals under “Zero Artistic Designs.”


- The Birth of The Artistic Company

As we reflect on our journey, it’s clear that we needed a unified identity to consolidate our growing portfolio of specialised services and brands. That’s how “The Artistic Company” was born. This transition was a significant milestone for us, as it brought together the diverse brands and verticals that had blossomed, allowing us to channel our collective expertise, resources, and vision into one united entity. As The Artistic Company, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With “zero” as our foundation, we believe that limitless possibilities are within reach. We invite you to join us on our journey f rom vision to brand reality. Embrace The Artistic Company, and let our creative excellence be the catalyst behind your brand’s transformation and success.


Our Clients