How To Start A Candy Brand?

Discover insights on starting a successful candy brand from a branding company's perspective. Learn key strategies, design tips, and marketing tactics to sweeten your brand's success in the confectionery industry with The Artistic Company.

Looking to start a candy brand? This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of starting a well-researched and organised candy brand. The confectionery business is one of the greatest ideas for a low-cost and highly profitable startup as candy serves as a delicious treat for both kids and grownups.

But before starting any brand you want to ensure that you build it well. Proper branding is the most important way to grow your brand as it helps you receive the recognition you need and develop relationships with your customers. 

Turning your idea into a complete brand is Brand Invention. Begin by deciding what type of candies you want to make and why. From hard candies to gummies and sour patches, there are various varieties. You might even consider focusing on areas like protein candies or health supplements.

For instance, let’s look at the difference between Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Bears and Biotin Gummies. Both are gummy candies, but Alpenliebe focuses on a general audience, especially kids, while Biotin targets adults focusing on health supplements, specifically for hair and skin glow.

After finalising your type, start your market research, find out your competitors, collect details about confectionery trade growth, popular types of candies in and around the area, confectionery import and export details, pricing details, tax rates and regulations for candy in the region. 

Through market research, develop buyer personas and analyse customer data for segmentation. Create your strategies accordingly. For example, let’s take Lotte and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk as Lotte targets kids, while Dairy Milk’s Silk is aimed at teenagers and couples. Knowing your audience ensures your brand is effectively built from the very beginning.

Define your brand’s purpose and position. A few things that could be overlooked in the process are your brand’s mission statement, vision statement, and your core values. Build a brand personality, voice, and story. Your brand voice and personality should reflect your product and brand, it should personally connect with your audience. Plan and create your strategies in accordance with market research. 

Find a brand name that aligns with your product. The brand name should be captivating, unique, easy to remember and identified in the market. And create a brand style guide for consistency across platforms. Visual Identity serves as the most important process of brand building. Design your brand logo, make it attractive and recognisable. Use an appropriate colour palette that resonates with the product. 

The main marketing strategy lies in product design and packaging designs. Make sure your product design is unique in the market and the packaging cover should be as attractive as possible. Remember it is important to legally safeguard your brand and your creation. Register your brand and your brand identity officially. 

After finalising your product type, purpose, audience, visual identities, product design, and packaging design the last part of the brand invention is to manufacture your product. 

Start by setting up your production unit and work on your marketing capital. Begin by making a list of equipment that is required for production and note down the raw materials required for manufacturing.

Hiring management staff and employees is a vital process. Build individual teams for testing, development, and quality check processes. Before starting your production don’t forget to instruct and educate your employees about your brand and the whole process. Run a few product tests, try it out, get feedback and this process goes on until you are satisfied and confident about your candy. Now it’s time to produce it for the masses.


Brand Launch and management

Create a catalogue of your products along with the pricing details. Identify the platforms where you want to sell your products such as offline distributors and e-commerce platforms. Consider TV commercials, social media ads, and other mediums to reach a wide audience. Launch the product in the market by making sure it finds a place in the audience’s heart. 

Finally, Brand management is an important process after launching. When your brand hits the market, track and gather feedback. Adapt to changing trends and continuously update your strategies.

To sum it up, building a brand from scratch is a process that needs more care and attention. Even a minor error may have a big impact and reflect upon your whole brand. There is no one formula, method, or strategy for building a brand, but incorporating the stages described in this blog will be a great place to start for your candy brand. Our team here at The Artistic Company is passionate about building your business by exclusively creating strategies, promoting your brand and making it thrive in the industry.